Epirus Experience

1st day : arrival in Ioannina city (capital of Epirus) – visit the city and explore its wonderful sites : the lake and the little island with its byzantine monasteries , the various old “tzami “ of the city, the old city within the castle, the interesting folklore museums of the city, the “oriental ” architecture (reminiscence of the turkish occupation in the area).
2nd day : visit the Dodoni archeological site with the famous ancient theater and oracle – visit the cave of Perama which was created 1,5 million years ago or the Vrelli museum (wax effigies)

Extra tips : hire a bike and go for a stroll around the lake - go for hiking in Drakolimni lake and enjoy the unique alpic scenery. – visit the picturesque villages of Syrrako and Kalarrytes, on the Tzoumerka mountains and enjoy the handmade cranberry liquor, typical local product - go to Metsovo mastervillage (immerse in the mountains of Pindos chain) and have a chat with the “Vlahoi” people (they maintain their foklore costumes as well as their native language,”vlahika”) , try some of the local cheeses (metsovone, metsovella) and have for lunch “arnaki stin gastra” (lamb in the oven) famous delicacy of the area - visit the Averoff winery (known for its excellent red wine production) – alternatively, you can visit the Valia Kalda National Park (also protected area for the greek bear) or the watermills of the area – go to Meteora for a one day excursion and visit some of the famous monasteries.
Where to eat : in the fine restaurants on the Lake, serving eel , trout and local delicacies
Where to stay: Epirus Palace Hotel , in the outskirts of Ioannina (www.epiruspalace.gr ) or DuLac Hotel , on the lake (www.hoteldulac.gr)

rd day-4th day : leaving Ioannina you take the way to Zagorochoria, the most traditional, particular and picturesque villages in the greek mainland : Aristi, Monodendri, Ano Pedina, Papigo, Vikos, Vovousa, Kipoi and others. Situated upon the Vikos gorge and along the route of Aoos river, they offer some spectacular views. – enjoy the hiking tour along the river and in the narrow canyon – stay the night in one of the many villages of the area, full of renovated old stone houses, built by the well known craftsmen of the 1800s and feel the breeze of the real greek tradition.

Extra tips
: the place is ideal for mountain activities, for all levels : hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, trekking, skiing, horse riding, paragliding - try the local ”trahana” and the “pites” (pies made with local cheese and herbs) – drink the “tsai tou vounou” tea (local herbs infusion) and the local “tsipouro” (alcoholic grape extract) – visit the winery of Zitsa (production of white sparkling wine) – visit the monastery of Evagelistria, in Ano Pedina, or the church of Agia Paraskevi, in Monodendri – enjoy the view of the Vikos Gorge form Monodendri village.
Where to eat : “Andonis” taverna , in Tsepelovo village
Where to stay : Aristi Mountain Resort (www.aristi.eu)

th day : go to Konita town and stay to the friendly little hotels of this location- visit the famous Molyvdoskepasti Monastery, in Bourazani (near the albanian border) . Don’t forget to cross one of the many old stone bridges and take photos of the stunning view of the Vikos Gorge.

Extra tips
: visit the Bourazani Wild Life Educational Park & Museum - go for mushroom hunting on the local mountains or bird watching– visit the Stomiou Monastery, situated in the entrance of the Vikos Gorge – visit more traditional villages in the north (the socalled “Mastorochoria” ) – go for a full day excursion to Albania (Archirokastro , Aghi Saranta, Butrinto) and enjoy a meal of game in the local restaurants- indulge your self in the Konitsa Thermal Center (www.konitsathermal.gr)
Where to eat : “Bourazani” restaurant, in Bourazani area
Where to stay : Konitsa Mountain Resort (www.konitsahotel.gr)

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