Country facts

Greece: Official Name- The Hellenic Republic

Member of the Schengen Agreement

Currency: Euro

Population: 10.500.000 inhabitants

Capital city: Athens- 5 million inhabitants including the outer suburbs

Other major cities include: Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa, Volos, and Heraklion, Crete

Religion: Christian Orthodox (97%), Muslim minority of approx 90.000 followers, Christian Catholic approx 50.000 followers, Protestant approx 30.000 followers, Pentecostals approx 12.000 followers, Hebrew approx 5.500 followers

Immigration:  Albanians approx 500.000, Bulgarians 37.000, Georgians 25.000, Romanians 23.200, USA citizens 22.500, Russians 20.000, Germans 15.000, Ukrainians 14.200, Polish 13.000, Pakistani 12.000, Australians 9.600, Turks 8.200, Italians 8000, Egyptians 7.800, Armenians 7.800, Indians 7.400

Geography and climate:
Greece is part of the Balkan Peninsula and borders Albania, The Macedonian Republic, Bulgaria, and Turkey. 80% of its territory is mountainous. There are 16 major ski resorts throughout the country and 6,000 islands, although only 227 of them are inhabited. Beautiful beaches abound on both the mainland and all the islands.

The climate in Athens and the surrounding islands is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Further north the climate is more European with a wider temperature variation and cold, often snowy winters.

Greek Cuisine:

Mezes (appetizers) include: spinach pie, cheese pie, tzadtziki, Greek salad, eggplant dip, country sausages and more.

Main courses include: grilled meat of all kinds- particularly lamb chops and souvlaki (meat on a skewer). In addition stuffed grape leaves (dolmathes), pasticcio, moussaka, and pitas (pies) of all kinds are representative of the cuisine.

Desserts can be fruit in season, yoghurt with honey and walnuts or halvah.

Beverages: excellent local red, white, and rose wines and ouzo (served with appetizers). Cold Nescafe frappe is a must. All kinds of coffees and soft drinks are also available.






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