Agritourism offers you the opportunity to move beyond a conventional travel experience and to get back to the land- to return to a simpler time and learn to appreciate the simplicity and peace of a Greek farming village. Agritourists can gain knowledge of the local customs, enjoy the villager’s hospitality, and savor the local gastronomy. There is nothing quite like getting close to Mother Nature to learn to cherish the beautiful Greek countryside in all its magnificence.

Agritourists will participate in a traditional way of life and develop close, personal relationships with their host families. The many activities available include olive-gathering- using age-old techniques –followed by transference to an olive press. See for yourself where that delectable, nutritious olive oil really comes from. In addition you might harvest grapes to make wine or tsipouro (a potent drink made with the must), or possibly pick fruits, vegetables, or mushrooms. Beekeeping might be on the agenda- the care of the hives and harvesting of the honey would be an appealing activity for those interested in learning the ins and outs of apiculture.

For those who prefer animals instead- one might learn the care, feeding, and milking of goats and sheep or the tending of cows and cattle. Cheese and yoghurt making may also be part and parcel of the animal husbandry based stay.

An educational holiday

In agritourism cooperatives around the country- agritourists can take lessons in cookery and pastry preparation and create traditional jams, stewed fruits, spoon sweets (a special Greek treat served to guests), home-made bread, fresh pasta, sweet and savory pies, and/or liqueurs using heirloom recipes. At pottery workshops you’ll unleash your creative spirit and develop your handicraft skills. You’ll be sure to take your creative efforts back home with you. Wineries will let you taste exquisite wines and instruct you into the secrets of wine making as well as teaching you about the different grape varieties and the nomenclature necessary to describe wine such as aroma, colour, and taste.

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