Eco Tours: Experiencing Greek Nature First Hand

Eco-tours offer three choices of travel: trekking, travel by bike, and travel primarily by motor coach. Eco-tourism allows the traveler to become acquainted with the stunning Greek landscape up close and on a very intimate level.

Greece possesses one of the richest varieties of flora and fauna in Europe. There are national parks, wetlands, picturesque villages, and mountain ranges of breathtaking beauty. Most the Greek countryside is unspoiled and so sparsely populated that you can almost feel that the entire country exists for you alone to treasure.

If you are into action, don’t miss the opportunity to do your favourite sport in Greece surrounded by its enchanting natural beauty. Swimming, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, and horse-riding are all at your fingertips. You can’t go wrong choosing Greece for a relaxed holiday either: waking up to hear the birds singing, having breakfast under the shade of a grape arbor, and finally dining in view of a glorious sunset are all everyday happenings.

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