Summer in Greece

Summer Holidays in Greece is a feast of colours, fragrances….. Senses!!
Choose the ingredients for your best summer holiday ever: Sun, Food, Culture, Parties : tick every box!
Whether you fancy sunning yourself on the beach, visiting the sights of ancient Greece or relaxing in a bar with a glass of ouzo, you’ll find something you love. The locals are very friendly and the weather is gorgeous, warming up from as early as May!
Greece has one of the most polymorphic lands in Europe. The variety of immages that the greek landscape offers is even stronger during summer. Greece is also packed with beautiful beaches. There are plenty to choose from, whether you’re a sunbather, swimmer or surfer. Big,buzzing beaches can be found along the coast and on some of the islands there are secluded sandy bays that are real undiscovered gems!!
The 15th of August is the peak day of greek summer ! Dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary , signalize the “end “ of the summer holidays for greek people. The weather though, remains pleasantly warm for those who choose to start now their summer vacation...