Athens little secrets

These are Panhellas’s suggestions for some extra tips for you to consider during your stay in Athens. We will keep you update with all the new interesting entries or events that take place in our city.


The Museum of Greek Gastronomy

Meanwhile, in Athens center, a different museum has been celebrating its inauguration.

The Gastronomy museum. An old building transformed into a modern museum, aspiring at offering the visitors a full experience of the greek culinary tradition.

Walks through the athenian food market’s stands, escorted by the museum’s guide, courses of greek cuisine, visit of the old instruments related to the traditions of greek nutrition, meals with greek delicacies in the museum’s restaurant , are some of the things that a visitor can do in this cute and interesting place.

The museum’s website is :





Vouliagmeni Lake is located just 25 km from the center of Athens and it is one of the most spectacular attractions in the Attika region. It’s unique characteristics consist a perfect combination of nature -wellness and leisure, able to attract visitors of all kinds and ages.

The thermal waters of the lake, it’s biodiversity, the surrounding high rocks, the clean, tranquil, turquoise waters and the natural occurring pine forest, make Vouliagmeni Lake an ideal meeting point for relaxing and leisure -from early in the morning until the late hours in the evening.

At the recently reconstructed facilities of the lake, thermal spa is combined with all the luxuries and pleasures of a modern thematic park that offers it’s visitors a perfect destination for tourism, leisure, swimming, outdoor sports, entertainment and social, cultural, corporate or private events.

Vouliagmeni Lake has been declared a monument of nature and a protected wetland. Also, it has been included in the National list of “Natura 2000” and it is protected by the International Convention of “Ramsar”. Finally, the Lake is certified by the Ministry of environment, Energy & Climate Change, for it’s excellent quality of waters.




Cycladic Art Collection
The Museum’s Collection of Cycladic Art, one of the most important in the world, is a pole of attraction for young and old alike. The austere marble figurines depicting nude figures of humans enchant visitors with their simplicity and abstraction – features that have, indeed, inspired 20th-century artists such as Brancusi, Modigliani, Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and others.

Ancient Greek Art Collection
A synthetic approach to the history of the Aegean societies from 2.000 BC to the 4th c. AD. With the aid of about 350 exhibits and interactive applications, visitors can follow the most important social and political developments from the birth of ancient Greek civilisation down to its creative blending with the Roman tradition, as reflected in constant changes in art and ideology. Part of the exhibition is devoted to ancient Greek technology.

Th. Zintilis Collection of Cypriot Antiquities
The Thanos N. Zintilis Collection of Cypriot Antiquities, one of the most important private collections of Cypriot antiquities in the world, includes about 400 artefacts made of stone, clay, bronze, silver, gold, glass, and faience are on display, representing a broad spectrum of Cypriot civilisation from the Chalcolithic period (4th millennium BC) down to Early Byzantine times (6th c. AD).

Scenes from daily life in Antiquity
From the Ancient Greek Art collections of the Museum, 150 objects (vases, figurines and weapons) are presented, grouped by theme: Gods and Heroes, Eros, the World of Women, the World of Men, and the Underworld. The permanent display is accompanied by two audiovisual presentations on everyday life and burial customs in ancient times.

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