Athens Marathon


This major event of autumn is beeing held in Athens for over 30 years.
In the memory of the athenian soldier who , after the Marathon battle (back in the 5th century BC), ran vigorously from Marathon (on the outskirts of Athens) up to the ancient city of Athens, in order to announce his co-civilians the Victory over the powerful Persians ! (whispering the famous frase : “NENIKIKAMEN”- “we won”, before he died…)
Thousands of people from around the world come to Athens every year, in order to participate to the various types of the Marathon :
·        The classic marathon running (42.195 m)
·        The 10km marathon race
·        The 5 km marathon race
·        The special olympics marathon race (1.200m)
Athens offers hotels in convenient rates , the climate is mild , the marathon volunteers are helpful and friendly, the prizes for the winners are tempting;  all things that garanty the full success of the event!!


Race Day (Sunday, November 8, 2015 availability required)

- Starting Area (Marathonas) : H. 09.00

- Marathon course (route 42.195m Support Stations)

- Road races 10 km & 5 km -  Kids Run 1000m.

- Finish Venue (Panathinaiko Stadium)



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