Excursion to Gortys, Festos, Matala

Full Day excursion to Gortys, Festos, Matala

The first stop will be at the archaeological site of Gortys, also known as Gortyn or Gortyna. This place is one of the most important cities in Crete with an unbroken history of 6,000 years and one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Greece. It lies in south central Crete in the fertile Mesara plain, the site of the first human habitation of Crete at the end of the Neolithic period (5th millennium BC).

Than we drive on to Phaestos, the second major Minoan site. At Phaestos you can see evidence of the original complex destroyed by fire and earthquake, and also the second, rebuilt complex.Afterwards we will visit Matala overlooking the famous Neolithic caves and have free time for lunch, swimming and shopping.

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