Mini Olympics

 The idea

The idea of the program is to provide the participants with a fulfilling and renovating event. The program will be based on fun games and activities in a competitive form of relays.


The process

A multi activity camp, based at the beach of Kouremenos at Sitia, is organized for all groups. Participants will be involved in a half-day program, participating in groups.

Each team tries to score a max number of points participating in a number of outdoor activities.

Everyone participates in every activity in full and contributes to the final score.

The teams have to show ability to work together, plan and overcome every difficulty found on their way. They have to move bulky materials, collect floating goods, cover distances on man-powered boats, build puzzles in the water, etc.

All teams of 8-10 persons each can be involved to the program simultaneously.


Rules and regulations

Participants form teams depending on the total group number

A team leader is announced

Participation in sports equals to points according to the participation form

The team estimates strength and weakness and delegates the team’s representatives for each activity

Each member should hold its participation form

In case of equal points the fastest score wins

An overall winner/participant can be declared as well


Checking points

An overall timetable is announced in several places on the spot for participants to keep reference at any time

Participants hold a participation form to be checked and confirmed in each activity by Thesis guides

The guides control and direct participants to the activities to achieve a reasonable flow

The coordinator collects all cards at the end of the day. And the winners are announced later in the day (i.e. during the dinner, etc.)







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